VLC Helper

There are a lot of multimedia players available for streaming and playing videos and music on your computer and one of those multimedia players is VLC. VLC is a popular and widely used media player made by VideoLAn project. VLC multimedia player is a portable streamer, player and encoder that support many video and audio formats such as VCDs and DVDs as well as other video and music formats. Like any other programs developed, some users may find VLC complicated to use or set-up especially those who are not computer-savvy. VLC helper is intended for the convenience of users who do not know their way around VLC.

Helper Apps

VLC streamer helper and set-up helper is a software tool that helps users who don’t know how to set-up a VLC media player remote and streamers on their computer, Windows or Mac, and mobile phones and android tablets. The helper app helps the multimedia player program to run smoothly and helps in configuring the media player to the computer’s IP address. Helper applications for VLC can be downloaded from many application websites and often times offered as a free download. Helper apps are available for computers that run on Windows and Mac operating system. VLC also has a helper website that provides basic tutorial videos for VLC set-up.

VLC Problems and Solutions

Like any other software created, VLC may have some technical issues. VLC users may experience various technical problems. There are times VLC may fail to function properly even if it has been on your computer for a period of time and you have already been using it a couple of times. All of these technical problems have their technical solutions. You may find solutions to VLC technical problems in forums that talk about certain technical problems like VLC no video, VLC no sound and other technical problems. Here is a list of some of the common technical problems you might experience and their solutions:

VLC player no sound – If you find your VLC media player is playing video but no sound playing, the probable cause is that at some point you have set the VLC on mute and you have forgotten about it and chances are that your computer’s OS remembered the set-up and put your VLC player on mute every time you turn on your computer. Here is how to un-mute your VLC on windows:

  1. Click the speaker icon at the bottom of your task bar.
  2. Click on the mixer
  1. Make sure VLC media player is running so that sound options will appear in the mixer.
  2. Un-mute the media player and see if the sound works again.

If it still doesn’t work after un-muting the media player on the mixer, try changing the format from Mp3 to AAC or the other way around. Here is how it can be done:

  1. Click on cog to access setting options
  2. Click the conversion settings
  3. Switch the video setting from mp3 to AAC or the other way around.

There other technical problems you might have to deal with VLC players, like VLC not playing mkv and VLC not playing mp4. If you encounter such problems, the first and best thing to do is to check if the file is fake or corrupted. If all else fails, you can always delete the old VLC and download a new and updated media player