VLC Player

VLC player is an open source and free media player that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. This is one of the best media players to use as it supports almost all audio and video formats. Furthermore, it doesn’t require installation of additional codec to play various kinds of files. This is very useful especially to Mac users as they usually encounter problems playing video files on their computer. VLC player Mac is available for download online. It’s easy and fast to install. As long as the Internet connection is stable, the installation file for VLC will be downloaded quickly. After the download, the VLC file must be installed to start using the application.

Open the program to start using it. If there is an audio or video file saved on the computer, click on the media menu on top of the media player screen and click on open to browse on the saved file on Mac. Once the audio or video file is found, double click on it to automatically load its content. That’s how easy it is to use VLC. Some of the file formats it support are MP2, MP3, MP4, OCG and DivX.

One of the best things that you can do with VLC aside from listening to music and watching movies is to capture snapshots. If there are scenes on the video that you would like to save as photos, the snapshot feature will be helpful. This is perfect for capturing special moments like surprise wedding proposal or any of your baby’s first. Recording these moments through video is more convenient and you can be sure that you do not miss anything. If taking photos, it is possible that not everything will be captured and you can’t be sure that the shots taken would look great, unless you’re a professional photographer.

Since you can use VLC for capturing snapshots, you can easily record videos then capture images from it afterwards. Transfer the video to the computer to start capturing snaps. Open the video file recorded using the steps provided earlier. The hotkey for capturing snapshots in VLC for Mac is Command + Alt + S. This is the default snapshot hotkey set. However, it is possible to change it by going to preferences, then clicking interface, then hotkeys settings. Click advance options then set your hotkey for taking video snapshot.

The images captured are automatically saved on Mac desktop by default. But the directory can be changed according to your preference. If you want to automatically save the captured images elsewhere, click the tools menu, preferences, video then select the video snapshot directory. Most movie videos have subtitles available. If not all subtitles are being shown on VLC, changing the text coding for the subtitle may solve the problem. Click the tools menu, preferences, input/codecs, other codecs, subtitles then select the right text coding for the subtitle. Setting VLC as the default media player can also be done. By doing this, all audio and video files that you try to open on your Mac will automatically play using VLC player. Right click on a media file and click get info. Select VLC on the “open with” drop down and click the change all button